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Own this business?

Annalay Accessories is owned and operated by Annalay Ajooway. Motivated and inspired by the rich diversity in nature, her aim is to produce jewelry that takes your breath away. Keeping up with the latest trends their jewelry still vibrates with enough uniqueness that youre not going to find anywhere or everywhere!

Annalay Ajooway has been designing, producing and creating crafts for over 10 years. The constant changing collection is made up of pieces that are designed and locally made in Toronto and pieces that are created from several suppliers from the United States, India and Africa. Annalay a mother of two and inspired business women enjoys bringing to Toronto a collection of accessories that leaves each customer walking away with a smile for how they feel about their new piece of jewelry and for the service they received in the process. Personal touch of care is important in promoting peace, fun and happiness in all aspects of our lives!