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The Cocktail Lifestyle is a way of Life that empowers females to master Self-Love and acceptance. By teaching healthy lifestyle habits and mixing in the most loving ingredients, our goal is to inspire You to live a life filled with Love!

Cocktail Lifestyle was founded by Andreena Hofferden, a Vegan Chef and Self Love Mentor.

Her goal in life is to master TRUTH (Think Reach Unite Teach Heal). After finding true love within herself, she now aims to be a leader in her community by encouraging women to master the art of loving themselves naturally and completely in order to attain true happiness and success.

Cocktail Lifestyle offers 1 on 1 VIP Mentoring programs, as well as Food & Love group workshops to teach women how to nourish their Bodies, Minds & Souls through delicious, yet healthy foods, and lots and lots of LOVE!

Philosophy: “With the perfect blend of Charisma, Self-Love and Confidence, any woman can be a natural Cocktail. It’s time to ‘Shake it Up & Share the Love!’ “