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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York the love for music was installed in me since birth. I always had a ear for good music and artist and I would messed around with production and song writing early in my life, but it wasnt until I came to Canada in 2008 that I decided to become a DJ. I fell in love with the energy and different cultures combined in one building.

May 2011 I decided to pick up and start spinning myself and never looked back. The knowledge from production and song writing made my profession easier for me. I worked alongside some of Toronto’s best like Tasha Rozez, Dj White Bwoy, Dj Flatline, FireKid Steenie to name a few as well as a lot of private affairs. I grew up on everything from House to Hip Hop, Reggae To Soca. So It was pretty easy to adapt and move a crowd.

My one motto is know where you are playing and who you are playing for. Give the crowd what they want but incorporate your own uniqueness.  I feel like every DJ worldwide have all the same music so putting that touch of you in the mix will steal their attention. It’s the love for the art that separates me from the rest. I love music so it reflects when I play.