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Tab began to recognize his talent and love of music from an early age believe early days, which lead him to begin to seriously rock the turntables at the age of 14. Considered an improvisational DJ, he is not one to plan out a play list for his sets. Tab is also known as the dancing DJ, he feeds off the vibe and bounces to the tracks as he spins. Fellow DJ’s and fans often mistake his tight remixes as being produced through three turntables rather than two. There is no doubt that TAB’s performances have to be experienced live to feel the full effect. Resume. He was Infinite’s Dj on tour with LL Cool J. 1999-2000 he played every Sunday night at Energy 108’s live to air from The Phoenix. Featured on seven tracks on Snow’s 2001 Juno nominated album “Mind on the Moon”. Teaches actors how to act as Dj’s in film. 2 notables were Glitter and Save the Last Dance 2. Has played on 88.9 FM, CHRY 105.5 FM, 89.5 CIUT and more..