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Motivator, leader, author, celebrated award winner, and community youth worker, Francis Atta continues to be the most prominent and sought after speaker in Toronto in the past 5 years. Francis’ life is a shining example of how the human spirit truly is stronger than anything that ever happens to it. Once homeless, failing in school, and in trouble with the law, he went on to post secondary studies and graduated with honours. He learned, and reminds others that we have to take the hands that we are dealt and make the most of it. Admired for his passionate and capturing approach, his thought provoking messages deliver an energy like no other. Francis is a United Way of Toronto spokesperson, creator of N.C.O.B. and K.E.Y.S. As Francis takes firm and guided steps towards giving back and building a well-rounded base that people can fall back on, he feels a great sense of accomplishment when he maps where he started from and where he is today. And this is exactly why he knows and believes with all of his heart that if he did it, so can you!!

Check out Francis Atta’s new book titled “The Flip”: The Flip is a book of the self-help genre. It describes the life of the author, a young man named Francis Atta who has gone from borderline gang life to becoming a Child and Youth Worker and motivational speaker for at-risk youth. Francis describes how he has won numerous awards including being the youngest recipient to receive Canada’s Top 25 Immigrant award, a prominent recognition reserved for many of Canada’s leading talent and professionals. The book directly teaches youth how to deal with peer pressure, how to focus on learning and education, avoid gang life and about the value of hard work.