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We have been creating quite a buzz as Certified UltimateStagerâ„¢
professionals here at GOSSIP Home Staging & Design. Specialist athighlighting a home’s finest features, creating positive first impressions, appealing to the majority of prospective home buyers and yielding on average 392% profit on resale homes.

At GOSSIP Home Staging & Design, we understand the psychology of buyers, which enables us to service our clients more efficiently. As asset managers and customer service ambassadors, we simplify the selling process by incorporating home staging latest trends, synergy and our own personal unique design stamps.

The way we live is not the way we sell! Before listing your home for sale, talking to a professional Certified UltimateStagerâ„¢ first is the better approach. Avoid unforeseen price reductions and your MLS listing staling. Stage your home with GOSSIP Home Staging & Design first and showcase beautiful MLS pictures from out of the gate, create mass interest or even a bidding war. Be prepared and cash out on all your equity as you’ve earned it.

Our clients:

Home Owners Selling
Home Owners Buying
Home Owners Staying
Estate Executors
Seniors Downsizing
For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBO)
Real Estate Brokers/Agents
Property Builders/Developers
Executive Property Management Companies
Commercial Businesses
Interior Designers