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Originally I had a clothing company back in high school. At 16 I was selling hoodies, jackets and t-shirts. I had a client base that supported and were loyal buying my clothes. By the time I was 19 I had to figure what to do next. I was slowly becoming a man and decided I should throw parties. The client base from the clothes spilled over into my parties and as it grew bigger I decided to become a host. I would throw a party, lay back and sell some shirts. Throw another party and it led to once a month until it became more consistant. Now its 3 to 4 times a week.
My versatility is one quality that make my services unique. It allows me to cater to all types of crowd.I can host to college kids, thirty plus, mature formal events, rock events etc; You learn through experience that you can’t just stick with one genre of music and target one market. People want to hear rock, motown, top 40 and you have to be able to adapt to different surroundings or crowds.
When I was a teenager I looked up to promoters, dj’s and hosts at that time. I remember being 19 seeing flyers, hosts and all these parties saying to myself “I want my name on that flyer”. Future Da Prince was one dj who left an impression on me. I wanted to be the next one. The successful Mc’s and Dj’s of Toronto helped shape my vision. It amazed me how they can control and move the crowd with just words and a mic. The ability to do that is priceless.