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Own this business?

Klozet Freak Lifestyle Apparel is an extension of the Klozet Freak style blog. It began from a desire to share a creative energy with a wider audience and targets those who unapologetically assert their unique trend sense as well as those who effortlessly master expression of style.

Who is a Klozet Freak?

A person who expresses an instense obsession with or unusual enthusiasm about fashion resembling an addiction.

Our mission is to inspire personal styles by offering a canvas for expression through the brand’s appealing name, branding and trendy print designs. Be encouraged to be creative. Klozet Freak aims to reveal the inner fashionista and fashion stud.

Our vision is a brand offering highly anticipated collections available in stores in the Toronto area with expansion internationally. In the near future personal and editorial styling services will be added to our portfolio.