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***Book Excerpt*** “I don’t have any money saved up for you,” he said emotionlessly with his eyes on the road. His face tightened. “What the fuck do you mean you don’t have my money, Breezy?” Sasha snapped. Fury took over her as her turned to face him. “Where the fuck is my money?”

Breezy looked at her and pointed his index finger in her face. “You need to fix your mother fucking tone when you are talking to me.” His eyes grew dark and his breathing became heavy. “I am not no little punk bitch like Dessy. I will fuck your shit up if you ever talk to me like that again.”

“Where is my money?” Sasha was not budging. She fought her tears back and stood her ground.

Breezy took a breath and refocused his attention on driving. “You have no money,” he grunted. “Who do you think paid for all the hotels? Who do you think pays for you VIP and bottles of Hennessey? Who do you think is paying the rent for that condo you rest your head at when you are not working? Who do you think pays for you food? All those fancy restaurants, fillet mignon and shit?” Breezy shook his head at Sasha.

Sasha felt her heart sink into her stomach. She took a deep breath and thought about all the men she had slept with. She cringed at the thought of the smelly, sweaty, drunken men she forced herself to sleep with for a few hundred dollars. There were even a few couples who came to her for a good time.

Breezy’s cut is the whole thing. You don’t get nothing out of it. All you get is fine dining, VIP in the clubs and fancy clothes.

Mel’s words taunted Sasha. She felt foolish for not holding on to her money herself. Sasha made thousands of dollars and never touched any of it.

“You told me you would take care of everything!” Sasha waved her arms around like a mad woman.

“And that is exactly what I did.” Breezy laughed evilly. “I invested your money back into you. You think I’m rich, eh? Money grows on trees? If I tallied up all the money I spent on you, you would owe me money right now.”

Excerpts from Sasha’s Truth. Queeny Writes is an author/writer who captures the mind with her imagination and creativity.