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Les Secrets de Tannijah Plus, was founded in 2012 with the mission to create, build upon, and boost a positive self-image, restore self-esteem and provide empowerment for both women and men through the specialized services offered by our experienced staff!

Les Secrets de means The Secrets of, Tannijah is a combination of Tanya and Adonijah. PLUS means body size and what the company offers in a wide range of specialties. The business specializes in Personal shopping for clients; both men and women, who have no time to shop, don’t know how to shop, need assistance with shopping and fashion style, or who can’t find clothes to suit their needs. We specialize in full make-overs combined with one-to-one fashion counseling/consultation, life coaching and targeting issues such as self esteem. Other specialties include nails, hair, make-up, accessories, hand bags, housewares, gift baskets, photography, and event planning for adults and kids, catering, access to vehicles. Tannijah also has a t-shirt line coming out very soon.

One of the concepts behind Les Secrets de Tannijah PLUS is teaching people how to look good on a lower budget/income. To sum our services up in a nutshell just call us FAB (Full Access to Beauty)!

Visit our store and find out what Tannijah can do for you!

Nail Services
Nail Art
Manicures & Pedicures
Brow & Lash treatments
Personal Shopping & Stylist/Fashion Consultants
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