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Sherrese Bleary is the Host and Community Producer of “The Sherrese Show “. She is a Mother of one, Wife, Teacher, Author, Sociologist and Child and Youth Worker. She is no stranger to perserverance, dedication, or seeing goals through to manifestation.

Sherrese Bleary currently works as a Teacher for the Toronto District School Board, where she has declared Teaching is a privilege and responsibility she takes very seriously; “students can be built or broken while in the education system”, and so she has committed herself to ensuring that all students that walk into her classroom are built and aware that they have been developed for success. Furthermore, she works to ensure that all students get the tools necessary to become master architects in whatever field they choose to pursue; consistently reminding students to set high standards, goals, visions, and plans, so that they may achieve those huge goals that seems near impossible to achieve. Sherrese brings this passion for empowering and motivating people to “The Sherrese Show”, where she invites guests to share their unique and challenging journey that has led to their current place of SUCCESS.